How to get the WebbIE programs to run from a portable USB stick.

For WebbIE 3 (2012 and earlier) this is relatively easy:

  1. Install WebbIE 3 (use the correct language installer from Downloads)
  2. In Windows Explorer, go to C:\Program Files\WebbIE, where you will find all the WebbIE files.
  3. Copy the contents of the folder to your USB stick.
  4. Delete the file installed.ini from the USB stick. (This makes the settings save on the stick)

That's it, you're now good to go. Just run the exe file you want from the stick. Any Windows from Windows XP Service Pack 3 onwards will work (and Service Pack 2 with MSXML4 installed).

For WebbIE 4 (2013 and later) this does not work: we now have separate installers, they all need the .Net Client Framework 4 installed, and they save settings to the machine, not the stick. I have no plans to create USB stick versions of the software because (1) it's more work and I have limited time (2) I can't ensure that the programs are updated and (3) security restrictions make it increasingly hard to run programs off USB sticks anyway. Feel free to lobby me.