Articles on Accessibility by Veli-Pekka Tätilä

Veli-Pekka was a student with a visual impairment who sadly died in 2008. I corresponded with him over WebbIE and other assistive technology subjects. His student website is now offline and I've taken the content from online archives and posted it here. I have not yet contacted his family members: do contact me with any problems. Alasdair King.

Overriding Internet Explorer's Formatting Using Style Sheets
Making Internet Explorer and Outlook Express Accessible
Tips and tricks for Microsoft Magnifier and Narrator
How to Have Working Speech Support in mIRC
iamC, a Simple and Accessible Alternative to mIRC
Particularly Inaccessible Software
A Magnification-friendly Skin for Winamp
Reviews of Popular Speech Synthesizers
A Review of Microsoft Magnifier and Narrator
A Review of TextAloud
Listening to Daisy Books with Winamp
Optimizing Pages for Screen Reader Accessibility