BBC iPlayer Radio

This application lets you play BBC Radio programmes from the last seven days that they make available through the iPlayer website. It's designed to be very simple to use for screenreader users: you can select and start a programme easily. However, you can also change volume, jump around the programme and pause and start easily.

Getting BBC iPlayer Radio

BBC iPlayer Radio is free. You can get it from the link below. You have to run the setup.exe file that you get from the link, and everything will be installed for you. You will then have a desktop shortcut called "BBC iPlayer Radio" you can use to start the program. You can also find "BBC iPlayer Radio" in your Start menu.


Technical Details


Some people have encountered a problem where none of the radio stations load. Instead you get an error message when you start the program that says the configuration failed to load. This can be fixed by opening Windows Explorer and navigating to C:\Users\Your-Username\AppData\Local (where "Your-Username" will vary according to your username on the machine). Delete the folder there called Accessible_and_WebbIE and the program should start normally again.


9.3.5, 18 August 2017
Another attempt to fix programmes skipping as they play. Experimentation shows that the problem is not my downloading code, as I thought: the same file is downloaded each time, and it plays fine in the VLC media play. But both Windows Media Player and my program skip at exactly the same point. My program uses Windows Media Player internally, so there appears to be a problem. To fix this, the downloaded AAC files will be converted into MP3 (by FFMPEG): testing shows these play fine. Takes more time, of course.
9.3.4, 14 August 2017
Fixes programmes skipping as they play. Thanks for the many reports.
Fixes the toolbar buttons displaying on high-resolution screens.
Fixes the volume control not doing anything.
9.3.2, 4 September 2015
Removes the firewall changes made in 9.3.0 since actually reading the documentation indicates these are wrong.
Removes an incorrect configuration setting that might have caused problems on Windows 7 machines without .Net 4.
Some people have reported problems with getting the BBC data from the WebbIE website, but the error message isn't helpful, so this version has an expanded error message to help me debug it.
9.3.1, 12 November 2015
BBC iPlayer Radio now adds itself to the Windows Firewall exception list, which should improve connectivity for users.
Accessibility improvements (labeled the lists and volume control correctly, and you can't switch focus to the media player by accident)
9.3.0 9 July 2015
Bugfix, restoring ability to download programmes after BBC change in data stream this week.
9.2.0 3 April 2015
Added options to view and delete the downloaded programmes: look in the Tools menu. Some people seem to have problems that are fixed by doing this, so make it easier for users.
9.1.1 20 March 2015
Version 9 worked with Windows 8 and later, but not Windows 7 or earlier. This version works with Windows XP and later, by converting the downloaded AAC file into MP3.
9.0.0 12 March 2015
The BBC turned off their Windows Media streams at the end of February, which completely killed this program. This version accesses their new AAC streams. This means that the program operates slightly differently: it now has to download a programme before it can be played - you get a progress bar. The media files are AAC files, so you need support for that in Windows Media Player.
8.4.1 23 October 2014
Bugfix to 8.4.0: fixed radio stations not showing up in Windows XP.
8.4.0 20 October 2014
TeamViewer can be launched from the Help menu for support.
Improved tabbing and screenreader support.
Control+C will copy the programme name.
Radio programmes from the BBC West Midlands station are now available.
8.3.0 13 June 2014
Fixed a bug with loading the station information: you should now see about eight more programmes per station that did not appear before.
Added View option to only show programmes from a day in the past.
Fixed update and activation bugs.
Changed skip time to 30s.
Fixed alt key access to Stations and Programmes list.
8.2.2 17 November 2013
Fixed a bug with updates. Previous versions won't update automatically, but new versions will.