Other sites and programs

There is a wealth of other software out there for blind people and screenreader users, and people with disabilities in general.

Screenreaders and magnifiers

These are programs that people with little or no sight can use to operate the computer.

Non-Visual Desktop Access (NVDA)
A free, open-source screenreader for Microsoft Windows. NVDA is the leading free screenreader for Microsoft Windows, and what WebbIE recommends to use.
Thunder Screenreader
Thunder is a completely free screenreader for Windows: it supports any SAPI 5 voice, so you can use lots of free voices in many different languages, and it works with Microsoft Word, Notepad, Outlook Express, Excel, Windows and the Internet with WebbIE. WebbIE was distributed with Thunder for many years, but we now recommend using NVDA.
Fatbits screen magnifier
A magnifier with smoothing, good performance, but not full-screen.
Lightning Express screen magnifier letting you see the screen with low vision.
A free screen magnifier from Claro Software (Alasdair's company). Use this if you need to make everything on your computer bigger. No installation, but need to download each day you use it.
MagX magnifier App
A brilliant free magnifier for iPad and iPhone (and iPod Touch) for iOS devices.

Other software and tools

FX Software Assistive Software
Lots of small free programs, including a coloured panel that follows the mouse, magnifier, a simple way to change Windows colours, overlays, reading toolbars, extra-large mouse pointers and lots more.
easyRead Internet Explorer zoom
Adds two buttons to your Internet Explorer toolbar: zoom in and zoom out, which magnify and shrink web pages so you can read them more easily.
AMIS Daisy Book Reader lets you read Digital Talking Books.
A free self-voicing (speaking) DAISY Book Reader.
A complete, free, self-voicing (speaking) way to get newspapers, talking books and audio.
DSpeech from Dimio
A program that saves synthesized speech to audio files (e.g. MP3 files) for burning to CD or putting onto an iPod or other MP3 player.
Vinux - GNU/Linux for blind users
A complete operating system on a CD or DVD that's fully accessible from booting up as a Ubuntu-based live CD.
RS Games
A company making free (ad-supported) accessible games, from board games to zombie mayhem.
Vocable for Android
A free, open-source AAC App for Android.

Voices (TTS - speech synthesizers) for screenreaders

See Free text-to-speech (TTS) or speech synthesizers for much more detail and downloads.

eSpeak SAPI5 voices
These free voices can be used with the Thunder or NVDA screenreaders. Includes Afrikaans, Bosnian, Czech, Greek, Esperanto, Finnish, Croatian, Hungarian, Kurdish, Romanian, Slovak, Serbian, Swedish, Swahili, Tamil, Turkish.
Welsh SAPI5 voices from WISPR
These free Welsh voices can be used with the Thunder or NVDA screenreaders.

Physical disabilities

Programs to support people with limitations on their physical movement (lack of control, limited movement range, limited strength, switch control.)

SAW Special Access to Windows
Developed by ACE Centre Oxford in 2012 or so. Open-source. Lets users create programmable switch-accessible on-screen keyboards.

Symbol sets

Concept Coding Framework
No idea what this is, exactly: it looks like a server that serves symbols on request, you install it on a box. But what they do have is some fonts that contain ARASAAC and Bliss symbols mapped to the personal-use Unicode code points, which has got to be useful for something. It was used in SAW.
Quivira Font
There are lots of symbols in the Unicode standard, but you need a font to display them. Quivira provides glyphs for many of the code points, so you can use it to create vector-based, scaling communication grids and the like.
CCF Fonts
BLISS and other symbols as the private section of Unicode.


Website for blind computer users in Bosna and Herzegovina, including discussion mailing list and lots of resources.
Easy YouTube
This is an accessible version of the YouTube website with simple play and stop buttons.
Talking Computers
Free software and articles for people with little or no sight and for people with learning disabilities.
Accessible YouTube
An accessible version of YouTube. Actually, it's a more useable version: YouTube works fine in WebbIE.
An accessible web front end to Twitter.