About WebbIE

WebbIE is a set of programs developed since 2001 by Alasdair King and is free software under the GNU Public Licence V3 (see Legal) so you are free to use and redistribute it. People with no sight use a screenreader like JAWS, NVDA or Thunder with it.

Everything seems to work beautifully. It makes it a lot easier for a vision impaired person to still use. They can really take it with them everywhere.

I really appreciate all the work you have done and this is just one more way the vision impaired can get and stay connected in today's world... One day, I hope to meet you and thank you in person. You have touched more lives in such a profound way, more than you might ever know.

AA, June 2021

Other Assistive Technology


Downloads and documentation for the Thunder free Windows screenreader.

Web design

Articles on web design (HTML coding) for accessibility.

Windows Narrator

How to amend Windows XP Narrator to use a different text-to-speech voice.

Veli-Pekka articles

Largely of historical interest for the early 2000s: Veli-Pekka died young, but would otherwise have been a leading light in accessibility.


Notes on the NVDA free Windows screenreader.


An installer for the open-source Juice podcatcher.