All of the software programs are available for download for free for you to use. They help you to read web pages, listen to radio and audio on the web, and much more. Choose the program you want from the list below:

WebbIE Web Browser for web browsing
Read web pages and browse the web.
PDF Reader for reading PDF files.
Read PDF files as plain text in your screenreader.
BBC Live Radio for BBC radio stations
Get any of dozens of live radio stations on the Internet and start listening now.
RSS News Reader for RSS and news
Read RSS feeds, accessible ways to get news and info from your favourite sites.
BBC iPlayer TV for BBC TV programmes
Listen to and enjoy all the TV programmes broadcast by the BBC in the last week.
BBC iPlayer Radio for BBC Radio programmes
Listen to and enjoy all the radio programmes broadcast by the BBC in the last week.
Podcatcher for free audio broadcasts
Listen to podcasts, audio recordings available for free over the Internet.
Clock for time and reminders
Get the time easily and add reminders for events during the day.
Calendar for diary and events
Plan your days ahead with an easy-to-use calendar.
Gutenberg Library for free books
Browse, download and read thousands of books completely free.
Internet Explorer Appearance Editor for using Internet Explorer with some sight.
Easily choose the best font, colour scheme and appearance for your web pages using this simple tool.
Disk Explorer for working with files and folders.
Take the complexity out of working with your computer with this replacement for Windows Explorer.
One Switch Mouse for people with very limited movement to control the mouse.
For people with conditions like muscular dystrophy, allows control of a standard Windows machine.

For old and non-English versions see complete list of WebbIE downloads or the individual language pages linked at the bottom of the home page.

Testimonials gives you some user comments on using WebbIE. This WebbIE downloads page gives you old and development and abandoned versions, support files and a complete list of installers and non-English versions. Otherwise, see the listings for the individual programs below.

Get older versions

WebbIE used to come as one big installer, up to January 2013. Now it's split into different installers for different programs. You can still download the old single installer, but less and less will work in it as time goes by.