RSS News Reader

Interested in keeping up with the headlines and newspapers? An Internet system called RSS or Atom lets you do it easily. Websites provide "feeds" of their latest stories and headlines, and you can get these simple lists, updated every few minutes. If you want to know more about a story you can go straight to its webpage on its website and read it. No navigating difficult website and trying to spot what's changed!

Getting RSS News Reader

RSS News Reader is free. You can get it from the link below. You have to run the MSI file that you get from the link, and everything will be installed for you. You will then have a desktop shortcut called "RSS News Reader" you can use to start the program. You can also find "RSS News Reader" in your Start menu. You may also need to install the Microsoft .NET 4.7.2 runtime, sorry.


Technical Details

Version History

4.0.1 26 Nov 2020
Bugfixes to the installer.
4.0.0 26 June 2020
Improved handling of Atom feeds and more modern security systems.
No longer supports Windows XP or Windows Vista, sorry!
3.3.0 12 July 2016
Fixed lots of bugs with updating/getting settings confused. As a consequence, no longer automatically gets the unread counts automatically - you have to go into each feed.
3.2.0 10 July 2015
When you add a feed it is automatically selected.
Now runs on machines with .Net 3.5 or .Net 4.0.
3.1.6 21 June 2014
Fixed importing OPML files with hierarchies.
3.1.5 20 June 2014
Fixed importing OPML files in older alternative format.
3.1.4 17 June 2014
Fixed program being unresponsive when you select a feed - now it will load the feed straightway, or tell you if it can't.
Fixed sorting and removing duplicates from the feed list.
3.1.2 4 May 2014
Fixed the Daily Mail feed. Fixed activation process.
3.1.0 15 March 2014
Big rewrite. Added a new "Delete All Items" menu item. The program shows the unread item counts in the feed list. And the program doesn't hang when it's communicating with the Internet, so it all works more smoothly.
3.0.1 27 Feb 2013
Bugfix: opens web browser for items correctly.
3.0.0 11 Feb 2013
Beta release


I use it every day, every morning when I open my computer around six o'clock in the morning, I read my newspapers, like the Guardian and Daily Mail. It's awesome.
- Ahmed, London, 2017.