I have used the Webbie application personally for over 3 years now and for the last 18 months have installed and trained a number of blind and visually impaired people in their use. The programs are simple, robust and a breeaze for even the most novice computer user. It is so great to return back to a person's house a week or two after installing and hearing about all the wonderful programs they have been listening to on the BBC. It really ignites the elderly and is such a gentle introduction to the "internet" that once hooked they begin to grow and learn again despite their failing eyesight. Thanks Alisdair and the Webbie team, fantastic stuff.
Darryl Sherwood, Adaptive Communications Instructor, Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind.
The internet can be an unfriendly place for those with limited vision. I applaud the achievements of Alasdair King and WebbIE. Particularly helpful is the way that 'visual clutter' is filtered out and replaced by simple text links.
Russell Price, IT Instructor, St Dunstans - an Independent future for ex-Service men and women
"extremely user friendly and convenient"
Mike Worsley, screenreader user, UK.
"WebbIE ia a wonderful resource for the blind pupil I support. It's simple controls and the fact that you can toggle between web page and text only has helped him use the internet alongside his sighted peers."
Stuart Bromley, Milton-Keynes Council